2014 Seven Hills Walla Walla Valley Red Wine

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This is a true story: A couple years back we were getting ready to move, I had lived in my house for over a decade and me and my partner were expecting a baby girl and had just bought a home. It was a crazy time, a stressful time but I had a basement full of wine. And I really didn't want to move it ALL. So I started to try and kill a bunch of bottles, did I say it was a stressful time, that were questionable. One of which I came across was an old sample from a personal fave in Seven Hills. Their first foray into making a "Red Blend," all the rage at that point in the "industry." 

I thought, well, maybe but certainly not luggable. Wrong. Just wrong. It was singing. It had all the complexity, freshness and power I had come to love from the estate. I though, well damn, I wish I had more of that but better to have loved and lost...

Fast forward a couple of years, we are moved in, Ozzie is here and making our lives hilarious and hard and I see it pop up on a closeout sheet. I literally checked my notes like 5 times. Couldn't possibly be the same wine, no chance, nope. YEP! It was. I immediately bought all they had, sold it instantly and was happy to pass it on. Then months go buy and another couple cases show. Couldn't be happier. Buy some. It's Washington largesse take on the classics of Bordeaux is not to be believed. Polished, darkly fruited, dusty and full of savor this begs for red meat or some grilled Portabella mushrooms.

91 Points from Wine Enthusiast Magazine: "The inaugural release of this wine is 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Malbec and 5% Petit Verdot, coming from Summit View, Pepper Bridge, Cockburn, McClellan Estate, Stone Valley, Seven Hills, Waliser Rocks and Fire Ridge vineyards. Green herb, black fruit, coffee and anise aromas give way to beautifully balanced red- and black-fruit flavors. The acidity brings a sense of vibrancy, while the tannins provide plenty of structure." (9/1/2017)

90 Points Vinous: "(aged in 35% new oak; includes what McClellan calls the four terroirs of Walla Walla Valley): Bright ruby-red. An aroma of cassis is a bit overshadowed in the early going by pungent oak notes of espresso and bitter chocolate. Then quite plush, sweet and spicy, displaying lovely definition and inner-mouth energy to its dark fruit flavors. I like the balance of sweetness and acidity here. Finishes with dusty, building tannins and very good length. McClellan envisions this wine as a more obvious, early-drinking midweight and plans to start adding Merlot to the blend "to bring it forward." But I like the shape and brightness here." (6/2017)